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Passing drills Netball


Drills: Passing drills

10 passes and shoot Netball
10 passes and shoot
2 shooters in the circle 3 attackers – 1 ball /p
Pivot and Pass- Netball
Pivot and Pass-
4 players per group Each group forms 2 lin
Triangle pass 2 Netball
Triangle pass 2
Max 12 players. Triangle set-up. 1 ball 1 player from front of each
Passing diagonally then straight Netball
Passing diagonally then st
Have two lines of players both stood behind a cone on the edg
Turn and Pass Netball
Turn and Pass
In pairs, 1 ball. Using a square area, the player wi
Rebound - groups Netball
Rebound - groups
White player 1 throws to Red player 1 and then follows in to
Overhead Pass and hold Netball
Overhead Pass and hold
Split your players into groups of three, with one ball per gr
Passing down the axis of the court Netball
Passing down the axis of t
position lines of players (or a team) down the court in a str
Footwork Netball
The player that is the worker receivies 3 passes to the left.
Moving pass Netball
Moving pass
Shoulder pass to the wall at a fixed point further down the
Catch pivot and pass relay Netball
Catch pivot and pass relay
4 players, stood in two lines working with 1 ball.
3 passes and shoot Netball
3 passes and shoot
2 players pass the ball 3 times between them while the 3rd player take
In pairs shooting Netball
In pairs shooting
2 players 1 ball 1 post. The player at the
Passing and reactions: Listen, drive and receive Netball
Passing and reactions: Lis
Two Players, One ball. The receiver Stands
Man to man defence Netball
Man to man defence
Using the lines of a netball court, each player starts on one line and
The shot formula Netball
The shot formula
Height Flight Flick /p
One hand lob pass Netball
One hand lob pass
Put your players into pairs, about 2-3 metres apart from one
Into center and back pass and follow Netball
Into center and back pass
Players on the wing pass the ball into the centre. They then run towar
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