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Use the mid-air turn to speed up your team
Teach your players to catch and pass in one fluid move with this speed of thought session, so they can catch their opponent on the back foot and quicken your team's overall play!
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I have thoroughly enjoyed using your site to help me with my coaching plans for my under 9's netball team.
Donna Maloy, Coach

lesson plans Netball


Drills: lesson plans


King Ball Netball
King Ball
Each team has a King (player)standing on their bench. The aim is to g
Diagonal Passes Netball
Diagonal Passes
Blue player 1 with ball starts between 2 cones and passes bal
Shooting Netball
Using the correct shooting technique. Prac
Movement Netball
To practice running off the ball. In pairs with 1 ball betwe
Passing Netball
Both W1 and W2 simultaneously receive the ball from the feedr
Interception Netball
Feeder (Blue1) throws ball against the wall. Blue2 faces the wall and
Interception Netball
Player 1 turns their back to players 2 and 3, receives the ball from X
Goal attack Netball
Goal attack
They are allowed to move in the centre and attacking third in
Zig-Zag Passes Netball
Zig-Zag Passes
Split the group into 6s with one ball per group. &
Changing Direction - group practice Netball
Changing Direction - group
Setup the practice as shown. Feeder 1 has
Choosing Sides -5 players Netball
Choosing Sides -5 players
Player 1 turns their back to players 2 and 3, receives the ball from X
Ball skills mini Guantlet Netball
Ball skills mini Guantlet
3 Feeders, 3 defenders, 1 attacker, 1 ball. &nb
Moving pass Netball
Moving pass
Shoulder pass to the wall at a fixed point further down the
Quick Passing Netball
Quick Passing
Split the group into 8s. 2 Balls starting
Pass chase Netball
Pass chase
2 groups of 4 with one ball in each group standing in two int
Goal shooter Netball
Goal shooter
The Role for the goal shooter is to score goals. &l
Circle Shots Netball
Circle Shots
Shooter sprints out to circle edge and, on return, receives a
Man to man defence Netball
Man to man defence
Using the lines of a netball court, each player starts on one line and
Passing off the back foot (right) Netball
Passing off the back foot
Starting position 3ft to 4ft from the wall
Reversing Roles - Conditioned Game Netball
Reversing Roles - Conditio
A 6 v 6 game with 3 attackers and 3 defenders. <
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