Half Turn Rotation Drill, with...

From the start position in the centre of the circle, the left foot is flicked to the front of the circle, turning both feet anti-clockwise, reaching w...

Glide Without Shot

The aim is to hop backwards and land in the power position facing the rear of the circle, the closed position.

Power Position

The athlete must hold the power position for 2 seconds. Keeping the position as closed as possible; with the shoulders facing the rear of the circle. ...


Hopping drill good for developing strength and coordination for the glide of the travel phase.

Drive Activation

This drill activates the upward and forward drive of the free leg over the hurdle and produces a good split leg position.

Approach Run

Rehearsal of the approach run with check marks ensuring consistency of approach run to the take off board.

Stride Pattern

The rhythm of the stride pattern is medium long short. This action lowers the centre of gravity and tilts the body backwards in preparation for take o...


Plyometric bounding develops eccentric leg strength.

2 Footed Standing Jump

Two footed standing long jump stresses vigorous take off from legs, strong swing of the arms, followed by forward shoot of legs to cover as much dista...

Carrying the Javelin

Here the thrower will get used to carrying the javelin from initial stance through to the travel phase when the javelin is withdrawn and kept linear. ...

Standing Triple Jump

The standing triple jump drill requires vigorous flat take offs from legs, strong swing of arms followed by forward shoot of legs to cover as much dis...

The Throw

The thrower is side on, with a flexed right knee. The javelin is parallel to shoulders with throwing arm linear and left hand turned in with little fi...

4 Stride Approach

Gradually increase the length of the approach run to develop the take off phase of the vault. Aim of this 4 stride approach drill is to develop the vi...


The athlete must stay relaxed and accelerate across the circle, rather than to go at full pelt from the back.

hurdle 2 step forward 1 back

Hurdle step drill this drills reinforce high knee pick up mobilising the hip flexors and hip extensors and develop linear foot placement

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