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Javelin Athletics


Drills: Javelin

Javelin Crossover Athletics
Javelin Crossover
Perform the javelin crossover, with the javelin going through, with wi
The Throw Athletics
The Throw
The thrower is side on, with a flexed right knee. The javelin is paral
Fixed Feet Throw From Moving Start Athletics
Fixed Feet Throw From Movi
Essentially getting used to moving, before going into the throw.Try do
Moving Sideways Athletics
Moving Sideways
The javelin is on the shoulders with the athlete moving sideways, faci
Carrying the Javelin Athletics
Carrying the Javelin
Here the thrower will get used to carrying the javelin from initial st
Full turn and throw with disc ball Athletics
Full turn and throw with d
The athlete drives forward with legs lifting right heel and turning ri
Standing Ball Throw Athletics
Standing Ball Throw
The athlete drives forward with legs lifting right heel and turning ri
Standing throw Athletics
Standing throw
Athlete demonstrates a Standing Throw.Use of the hips, shoulders and u
Hip Flick Drill Athletics
Hip Flick Drill
Both feet turn towards the direction of the throw with the hip moving
Power Position Athletics
Power Position
Practice linear arm action, while sprinting on the spot.
sprint on the spot drill Athletics
sprint on the spot drill
Practice linear arm action, while sprinting on the spot.
2 Footed Standing Jump Athletics
2 Footed Standing Jump
Two footed standing long jump stresses vigorous take off from legs, st
Starting on the bend Athletics
Starting on the bend
Leave the blocks low and hard
Short Stride Approach Athletics
Short Stride Approach
A short stride approach run builds up the necessary attack onto the bo
The Swings Athletics
The Swings
The swings should be attempted with the plane of orbit of the hammer a
Box Drills Athletics
Box Drills
Plyometric box drills further develop eccentric muscle strength rhythm
sprint start Athletics
sprint start
Example of a top performer
Approach Run Athletics
Approach Run
Rehearsal of the approach run with check marks ensuring consistency of
Disc Ball Drill Athletics
Disc Ball Drill
Move weight across to the left using disc ball, with the arm at a righ
Penultimate Stride Athletics
Penultimate Stride
Focus on the approach run by lengthening the penultimate stride and sh
Standing Triple Jump Athletics
Standing Triple Jump
The standing triple jump drill requires vigorous flat take offs from l
Stride Pattern Change Athletics
Stride Pattern Change
Start with a relaxed walk, then at the cone Straighten the lead leg, a
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