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    Stand firmly on the poolside or starting block with toes rapped around the front edge. Place hands to the side or front of the starting block; Fingers will secure starting position with body weight slightly forwards. Dive out down the pool to full stretch; Pike at the highest point of the dive whilst in the air by droping your head in order to enter the water. The whole body enters through the same point of contact on the water surface as if you were diving through a hoop; Snap out of this position and into a streamlined position on immediate entry into the water in order for the body to follow through the same point of entry. Never dive into shallow waters.

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Dive Start.Butterfly - TechniqueSwimming Drills Coaching

Butterfly - Technique

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"As a State league coach I find this site a great help towards gaining more skills/drills for my girls. they are young adults that are always liking for the challenge when training. thank you"
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